Important Facts

When you choose a recruiter to represent your job search, you have many choices.  Picking the wrong recruiter, especially in a confidential search, can be a tremendous liability.  Here are some important facts about Talent Resources to help you determine that we are the right partner in your job search.

All of our team members are former industry veterans who have worked their way up to management level, with a minimum of 5 years of direct experience to rely on.  Having been hiring managers in the industry, we have a keen eye to talent and have assessed the capabilities of the positions we hire for.  We understand the importance of confidentiality and take the necessary care to ensure for the client and candidate alike your needs are respected.

Talent Resources’ staff understands what you do; if not, they will ask the clarification questions to better understand your position.

Understanding your role helps us ensure you are a fit and helps us explain why you are the best candidate!

Active Participation – members of our team stay active in local, regional, and national conferences to stay on top of industry trends in recruitment.

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