Interview Guide

Pre-Interview Prep

The first items you should have ready are your credentials. The credentials you absolutely need for your job interview are as follows:

  • A copy of your complete résumé. Be sure to proofread for any mistakes.
  • Two copies of a complete, typed list of all references and previous managers. You will need one copy for the Human Resources Department and one for the Hiring Manager. Be sure to include their complete names, titles, current addresses and telephone numbers.
  • You may be asked to give permission for a criminal background check. Be sure to have a list of your addresses from the previous five to seven years.

Many of the our clients conduct income verification, especially for sales openings. Be prepared prior to the time of offer to present your W2 and or most recent pay-stubs.

Prepare in Advance for Interview Questions

Below is a list of standard interview questions you should be prepared to answer.

  • What example can you provide where you were highly successful in capturing a new account or building a non performing account?
  • If we called your boss or ex-boss, how would they describe you?
  • What account or bid did you recently lose? What happened?

You should also practice answering the tough  interview questions ahead of time.

  • If you are relatively new to the industry, you should be prepared to explain to your interviewer what qualities you possess that will help you get up to speed quickly with the demands of your new position.
  • You should be prepared to answer questions regarding any negative experiences you’ve had in the work place, what you learned from them, and how you would use those experiences in a positive way in your new position.

Have a list of your own interview questions to ask your interviewer.

Below are some examples of interview questions you should ask a potential employer.

  • What do you look for in an ideal candidate?
  • Can you please describe your culture and the traits of your organization that you feel someone should know before joining?
  • If you and I were to look back on my time here in 3 months, 6 months and one year, how would we both know if I am being successful with you? How am I measured?
  • What is the likely career path that I would follow by entering your company in this position?

Remember, these are just some examples of interview questions to ask. You should by all means ask about any additional questions that you find important.

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