Recruitment Outsourcing

Reduce Recruitment Costs by as much as 58%!

Talent Resources specializes in Recruitment Process Outsourcing and we have led successful engagements for many companies. Our people, technology and proven methodologies maximize your recruitment strategies, improve retention and ensure each candidate aligns with your corporate culture, goals and competency guidelines.

Recruitment costs are significant. Most companies track obvious costs such as agency fees (which average 20-30%), advertising, and payroll associated with staff recruiters but they do not track the hidden costs of talent acquisition. These hidden costs include time required from hiring managers, training time required to get recruits up to speed, the costs of conducting interviews and the negative effect on morale resulting from a bad hire.

Talent Resources’ outsourcing division can reduce your recruiting cost by as much as 50%. With a 98% client renewal rate, we are delivering top performers quickly and effectively. Our clients have consistently given us exceptional ratings for our responsiveness, technology and overall customer satisfaction.

With many years in the business, our experience and the contacts we’ve developed can help you find the best available talent. We understand your competitive advantage is in the talent you hire. Our experience allows us to deliver top talent and offer a return on investment that your CFO will appreciate.

Learn More Today! Contact Talent Resources to find out more about how outsourcing the recruitment process can save your company time and money, improve your competitive advantage in the marketplace, maximize your recruitment dollar and build your winning team one member at a time.

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